2012 Filly’s Folly Sparkling Zinfandel Rosé

Drinking well and will last longer as it is a serious well-structured wine (no floor-sweeping dregs in this one, we used some great grapes as the 8th Deadly Zin hand-picked a week earlier), but we are down to our last 30 dozen so get in quick.


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John Mettams made our wine maturing it in new French oak barriques for 6 months after the cold fermentation.

Harvest was hand-picked and the whole bunches gently crushed and chilled. The must was kept on skins for only a short time. Winemaker Dylan Arvidson then stopped the ferment early and bottled the wine chilled to retain a pleasant frizz.


If you like raspberry juice this it!

Attractive aroma dominated by berry fruits that follow through to the palate.

Sweetness dominates the taste with a good crisp acid that allows a lingering fruity finish without cloying.   

Strongvolume of flavour, sweet but well balanced.  Enjoy (keep it away from the kids!).


Dylan Arvidson


The fermentation was stopped with a combination of chilling and sulfur dioxide when the balance between alcohol and sugar was reached leaving the wine balanced and approachable. The tank was sealed and sparged with CO2 and then left to settle for a week and racked while chilled to around 2 deg Celsius. Inline CO2 sparging was used during all wine transfers to retain the dissolved gas. It was bottled while chilled as soon as possible to retain the gas and freshness of the wine. The colder the wine is the better it absorbs and holds onto the dissolved gas.




Enjoy now.


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