Vintage Reports

Vintage Report 2019

Cooler than average temperatures during Spring and Summer, coupled with wet conditions, reduced sun exposure, and intense bird pressure meant the 2019 Vintage was a challenge to say the least.  

It was a labour intensive season requiring careful canopy management, precise picking decisions and accurate sorting of the fruit during harvest; all essential details that produce quality wines.

The non-existent Marri Blossom resulted in extreme bird pressure that damaged our nets, increased the fruit peck contributing to the rot producing conditions.  As a result we had lower than average crops across the vineyard.  

The generally smaller canopies and regular leaf plucking fortunately enabled us to pick clean, ripe fruit producing a fabulous chardonnay with excellent purity and great natural acidity.  Our reds benefited from the long ripening season showing elegant tannins and great aromatic lift.

Vintage Report 2018