Serious Margaret River Rosé is hard to come by.  Our style is not just a frivolous afterthought for grapes unsuitable for a dry wine.  A heady, pleasurable style for sure, but our Rose is carefully crafted with enough body and lots of fruit for a lasting, sophisticated, drink. 

You will be seduced by the seriousness of Filly’s Folly fabulous fruity sweetness.  Serve chilled (to keep the frizz), and drink as a mixer aperitif or with desert and enjoy!

Our petulant natural Rosé  is the ancient method of making sparkling wines still containing the yeasty lees.  As a natural ferment it has funky flavours that adds character producing a refreshingly interesting and increasingly popular style for your enjoyment.



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2014 Filly’s Folly Sparkling Zinfandel Rosé

Sure to please those who liked the 2012.  Drinking very nicely at present and will continue to delight with age because it is a well-structured wine.

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2018 Pink Zin Pet Nat

‘Zinners be Grinners’ - especiallyafter this tasty drop.  Here for your enjoyment is a great example of ‘Natural Wine’ (‘petillantnaturel’ in fact), an ancient wine making technique for sparkling wine. 

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2012 Filly’s Folly Sparkling Zinfandel Rosé

Drinking well and will last longer as it is a serious well-structured wine (no floor-sweeping dregs in this one, we used some great grapes as the 8th Deadly Zin hand-picked a week earlier), but we are down to our last 30 dozen so get in quick.

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